Farley International, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA is the preeminent provider of child abuse training and consulting services for the world.

With both national and international strategic partners, Farley International provides a vast portfolio of services including: specialized child abuse training, forensic child abuse consulting, internal investigations, risk assessment, security threat vulnerability, safe behavior management, boundary issues, establishment of acceptable use of technology policies, expert witness and litigation support services.

Robert Hugh Farley - The first police officer to ever present a training seminar in the Vatican on the subject of child sexual abuse - 2011

Farley International's principal Robert Hugh Farley MS is a thirty-year veteran of the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department in Chicago, Illinois, USA. As a highly decorated Detective, Deputy United States Marshal and Unit Supervisor, he has had over twenty-eight years experience investigating and supervising all aspects of crimes against children from sexual abuse to child homicide. When he retired he was the Commanding Officer of the Cook County Sheriff's Police, Child Exploitation Unit.

Prior to his creating this Unit, Robert Hugh Farley was detailed from the Cook County Sheriff's Police to become a founding member of the Federal Child Exploitation Strike Force in Chicago. He continued to be a driving force in the success of the Federal Strike Force where he was assigned for nine years. As a Deputy United States Marshal, he conducted hundreds of undercover child pornography, child exploitation and child prostitution investigations, portraying himself as a child molester, while targeting sexual predators in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Robert Hugh Farley created the Cook County Sheriff's Police Child Exploitation Unit in 1997. His concept was to establish a unique, specialized unit that would proactively combat the online Internet solicitation and molestation of children. At that time no other law enforcement agency in the United States or the world had a full time police unit working this specific type of crime.

Because of the unique crimes involved in the sexual exploitation of children over the internet, Robert Hugh Farley proposed several new pieces of legislation and testified before the Illinois House or Representatives prior to the proposals being signed into law. As the result of his leadership, the Child Exploitation Unit is one of the most successful law enforcement organizations in the world that arrests online predators. The Unit to date has a 100 % conviction rate. The activities of the Child Exploitation Unit have frequently been featured on nightly television, and in the national and international press.

Following his retirement from the Cook County Sheriff's Police Department, Robert Hugh Farley worked as an International Child Exploitation Consultant for INTERPOL, the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children and the Microsoft Corporation. As a result of these endeavors he has conducted child abuse training seminars at INTERPOL's Headquarters in Lyon, France and New Scotland Yard's High Tech Crime Law Enforcement Training Centre in England. In addition he has conducted international training seminars in numerous other countries, some of which include: Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Kingdom of Jordan, Spain, Costa Rica, Brazil, New Zealand, Turkey, Croatia, Romania, Argentina, Bulgaria, Norway, Canada and twice in the Russia Federation.

As an internationally recognized child abuse expert Robert Hugh Farley has coauthored books while providing technical support and consultant services for the U.S. Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children child abuse training programs serving as a senior training instructor. He has conducted thousands of child abuse training seminars and webinars in all 50 states. As a result of his unique training curriculum, the numerous investigative techniques he developed have been implemented by thousands of police departments, child protection agencies, child advocacy centers and prosecutors throughout the world.

Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Corrections,
Chicago State University, 1991, Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Science in Education,
Chicago State University, 1972, Chicago, IL

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